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Eat Breathe Live – Pink Cocktail

Eat Breathe Live - Pink Fizz Cocktail

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Today’s edition of Eat Breathe Live is really more like Drink Breathe Live.  This pink fizz cocktail made with mint leaves, lime juice, vodka, cranberry juice and champagne is pretty much my perfect party drink.  Not only does it taste incredible, but it’s my most favorite shade of pink!  And then there is that wall – how can I recreate that wall? And that Gucci dress – who wants to buy me that dress!?  And of course what every dream is made of – powder puff clouds in shades of pink and orange. Enjoy!

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend - Eat Breathe Live Color

image via, now go be happy!

Wouldn’t you love to live on Happy Street! I’m pretty sure it’s lined with pink houses, flowers and chocolate rivers. Or at least that’s my Happy Street! What does yours look like?

Eat Breathe Live – Pink Ombre, Girly Style!

Eat Breathe Live Pink Ombre

eat, breathe, live, wear

That’s right! This week brings us another edition of Eat Breathe Live Ombre. Only this time it’s Girly Style! I know some of you may feel a little queasy when looking at all that pink ruffle flowery goodness, but I can’t help myself. I mean it’s pink and ruffles and flowers! In my world it doesn’t get any better than that – I mean my three daughters pretty much cheered when they saw this on the screen.  So if it’s good enough for them and Oscar de la Renta of course, then it’s certainly good enough for you! Until next time, eat breathe and live colorfully!

Travel Tuesday: Cherry Blossom Hop

DC, Paris, Bonn, Sakura

The cherry blossoms have officially peaked in DC and so I got to thinking, instead of just traveling to one city, let’s do four! I’m calling it the Travel Tuesday Cherry Blossom Hop!  These beautiful flowers are one of the first signs that spring has arrived, and that baby pink color gets me every time! So pack up and bring some energy bars because this trip is not for relaxing (although we will probably sneak in some shopping – we will be in Paris after all!)  Until next time, travel colorfully!

Eat Breathe Live – Easter

eat, breathe, live, wear

Can you feel it? Spring is finally in the air…I promise! And easter is just around the corner so it’s time to embrace the pastel! From the eggs you decorate to what you wear don’t be afraid to rock those girly colors. And if you have a radiator, I beg of you, please paint it that perfectly pale pink.  I’m thinking of moving just so I can have a home with a radiator to paint! Until next time, eat breathe and live colorfully!

Eat Breathe Live – Pink and Green

eat, breathe, live, lauren bacall

When I was younger I had a gigantic space between my two front teeth. I hated it. My mom showed me a photograph of Lauren Bacall and told me about the beautiful actress/model who had the same imperfect smile as me.  From then on I had a fascination with all things Lauren Bacall.  When I saw this picture of her in bright pink and green it reminded me of my childhood and how happy Ms. Bacall made me…and then I smiled.

i love ikat

Madeline Weinrib pillow,   iPhone case,   Boho Candle,   Soludos Espadrilles,   Field Jacket,   Anthropologie Console, Living Room

The design blog, Design*Sponge recently had a post on ikat and it reminded me how much I love this pattern. It’s bohemian and chic all at the same time (two adjectives I like to live by!)  And when it’s pink, orange and yellow I’m even more in love.  That’s right – i love ikat – how about you?

Eat Breathe Live – Fan Bingbing in Marchesa

eat, breathe, live, marchesa

I look forward to Oscar night like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive.  It’s a fashion Super Bowl and as a color lover it’s usually a good peek into color trends for the year.  So just imagine my dismay when I sat down with my ice cream and E! last night only to find that neutral was the new black. Sigh. I would rather just stick with black.  Sure there was the occasional cobalt or metallic, but there was way too much neutral for my taste.  Thankfully I had Kerry Washington in Coral and gorgeous Jennifer Garner in eggplant to keep me from being too discouraged.  And as far as color goes there was my favorite of all – Fan Bingbing in Marchesa, straight off the runway from NY fashion week and right into my hot pink dreams.  I’ll admit she may not have looked as flawless as Jessica Chastain or Jennifer Lawrence, but I’ll take pink over boring, I mean neutral, any day!

I Heart You

Red: Bowl, IPhone Case, Converse Sneakers, Anti Valentine Card, Love Pillow,

Gold: Notecard, West Elm Mug, Metallic Heart Clutch, Be Mine Earrings, Nesting Heart Dishes

Pink: Rifle Paper Co Card, Sweetheart Sunglasses, BKR Bottle, Tattly Tattoo

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m in love with Valentine’s Day. Every commercialized red and pink bit of it!  Any reason to celebrate in color on a dreary February day is a-ok with me!  And if someone happens to buy me some flowers or give me something heart shaped – such as those gold Aerin nesting dishes (I’m talking to you mr. eblcolor!) – well I won’t refuse.  So let the Valentine’s preparations begin! XOXO!

Eat Breathe Live – Rose

eat, breathe, live, wear

Eating soufflé with Audrey at Versaille while smelling the flowers – Pretty terrific for a Wednesday, wouldn’t you agree?

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