Color Me: Lobster

Lobster | Eat Breathe Live Color

1. Lobster Napkins   2. Bowls   3. Lobster Cracker   4. Art Print   5. Lobster Beach Towel   6. Lobster Print Top   7. Tory Burch Key Ring   8. Thomas Paul Tray   9. Lobster Flip Flop

Ever since I could eat solid foods Lobster became my number 1 choice!  I pretty much moved to New England so that I could have as much fresh lobster as I wanted – whenever I wanted!  And now that it’s officially summer and almost the fourth, let the LobsterFests begin! See you there! xoxo

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    Happy Summer!

    Happy Summer | Eat Breathe Live Color

    image via, now go for a swim!

    It’s officially here and I’ve never been more ready! Happy Summer everyone!


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      Travel Tuesday: Angers France

      Angers France Origami Street Art | Eat Breathe Live Color

      Angers France Origami Street Art | Eat Breathe Live Color

      images via Mademoiselle Maurice

      You may remember last September we went on a little world tour in order to view the incredible origami street art by French artist, Mademoiselle Maurice.  Check out that post here.  Well if you loved that trip as much as I did then you are in luck! Mademoiselle Maurice is at it again…She has two new pieces up this month as part of the 2013 ARTAQ Festival in Angers, France.  The great thing about this installation, which required 30,000 pieces of folded paper, is that the artist relied on help from those in the community.  Workshops were held in schools, elderly centers and even the prison so that people could learn the art of origami.  How cool is that?!  Until next time, travel colorfully!


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        Pattern Play: Removable Wallpaper

        Removable Wallpaper | Eat Breathe Live Color

        one, two, three, four, five

        Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of adding some wallpaper to our home.  There is nothing quite like it to add color, texture, and wow to a room.  But there’s just one problem – I’m not good with permanence. I want to be able to change my mind quickly and that is why paint and I have always been best friends.  But guess what?! There’s a new kid on the block and her name is Removable Wallpaper! And I’m not talking wall decals or wall stickers, I’m talking real live wallpaper that you can actually easily remove!  Above are some of my favorites and I’m two seconds away from putting that Daydream Sunshine pattern on my dining room ceiling! Let’s hear it for low commitment!


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          Eat Breathe Live – Ocean Blue

          Eat Breathe Live Ocean Blue | Eat Breathe Live Color

          eat, breathe, live, wear

          I love all things water – I’m a pisces after all! And so of course that includes the beautiful blue hues of the sea.  And speaking of pisces….did you see that illustration by dietlind wolf?! It’s on my must have list!  You must check out her blog here.  It’s filled with whimsical photography, including food styling and flower styling! Now if only the sun would come out so I could go out for a swim! Until next time, eat breathe and live colorfully!

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            Travel Tuesday: Giraffe Manor, Kenya

            Giraffe Manor | Eat Breathe Live Color

            Giraffe Manor | Eat Breathe Live Color

            I’ve always had a love of Giraffes.  They are truly magnificent creatures and I love how they inspire a childlike wonder in everyone that looks at them. Even if just in a photo.  So how is that I never knew a place like Giraffe Manor existed?  Located in Nairobi, Kenya this remarkable hotel is home to a heard of 8 giraffes who come and visit with guests in the morning and evening.  The manor describes itself as “the only hotel in the world where you can eat breakfast with a giraffe.” I’m sold!  I’ll meet you there – I’ll be the one hugging a giraffe with three little girls following right behind! Until next time, travel colorfully!

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              Color Me: Sunshine

              Sunshine | Eat Breathe Live Color

              1. Sun Burn Print – Jen Gotch   2. Crate & Barrel Watering Can   3. Vintage Juice Glass    4. Swatch Watch   5. Vintage Pig Planter   6. Jenni Kayne Flat   7. Jonathan Adler Rug   8. The Weekend Calendar    9. Kate Spade Saturday Weekender   10. Kate Spade Saturday

              Who doesn’t love a sunshine day? Or sunshine yellow for that matter? Nothing makes me happier than yellow – ok maybe pink.  But no other color can say  ”good morning, it’s gonna be a great day” quite like yellow can!  And speaking of yellow – have you checked out Kate Spade’s new line, Saturday?  It’s filled with yellow delightfulness as well as other bright colors, bold graphic patterns and whimsical accessories.  In case you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty much obsessed.  Have a sunshiny week everyone! xoxo

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                Happy Weekend!

                Eat Breathe Live Color | Gnome

                image via me, now go be silly!

                My almost 3yo recently became obsessed with gnomes.  I’m not sure where or when the obsession started, but one day it was all she could talk about. I never thought I would be the kind of girl to own a garden gnome, but now, how could I resist? And happily they do come in really fun colors. So thanks to the Christmas Tree Shop we are now the proud owners of a garden gnome.  He moves around the yard at night appearing in a different place each morning. That sneaky gnome! Ahh…the simple pleasures of youth! Until next time, Happy Weekend!

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                  Eat Breathe Live – Spring Green

                  Eat Breathe Live Color | Spring Green

                  eat, breathe, live, wear

                  Apparently I have popsicles on my brain and I would have thought those berry ice cream pops would have satiated my craving, but then I saw these! Wait for it…..Honeydew Cucumber Margarita Popsicles! I mean seriously?! This is the perfect summer Poptail. Yes that’s right, there is a name for combining a popsicle with a cocktail and it’s really fun to say!  And isn’t it just the most beautiful color! It reminded me of my parent’s kitchen in their previous home (Isn’t it gorgeous?!) I’m lucky to have a father that’s a builder and a mother that has amazing taste.  And now you know where I got my love of color from. It most certainly runs in the family!

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                    Travel Tuesday – De Efteling, Netherlands

                    Eat Breathe Live Color | De Efteling

                    Eat Breathe Live Color | Fairy Tale Forest, Netherlands

                    images via here, here and also here

                    This Tuesday is all about the kids, but don’t worry, I have a feeling this will be fun for us big kids as well! We are headed to De Efteling, the largest theme park in the Netherlands and home to Fairy Tale Forest.  This is a magical place where childhood fairy tales come to life. You can visit the witch’s candy house from Hanzel & Gretel’s, look up at Rapunzel in her tower, and come face to face with the wolf dressed in Grandma’s clothes.  There is much more to De Efteling than just the forest but like most little girls I was obsessed with my Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm story books and so Fairy Tale Forest is exactly where I’ll be staying this Tuesday. Until next time, travel colorfully!

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